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Pay per click (PPC) Internet advertising Services in Mumbai India

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Internet Marketing Strategy used on search engines, websites and advertising networks in which Advertisers have to pay a specific amount to make use of the search engine for each time their ad is clicked. This is one method to boost a business to higher level. Pay Per Click campaigns make your company get discovered online by displaying text or image ads on the search engine results pages. Some common PPC networks include Google, Face book, LinkedIn etc. This gives an opportunity to be found by a lot of people in a short time. We have a special team that will do the required research and create a customized campaign for your website and support in managing the same. We ensure that your ads are taken to the eyes of the right people thus bringing a good return on investment on your online spending.

T Domain Hosting can guide you through the maze of pay per click (PPC) marketing options to define and manage the best program possible to meet your goals. Sales, leads, branding, sign-ups - we have used PPC from its inception for our clients and have the knowledge to attain whatever your goal is.

Mode of Operation

    Review of Objectives

  • We start with an in depth consultation between you and our PPC experts. We discuss your business goals and objectives first
  • Customized Ad Plan

  • We research key words used by customers in search engines to find products and services similar to yours. Then depending on the market that you serve, we create attractive ads that customers are susceptible to click.
  • Tracking Results

  • We provide a PPC service in such a way that you will be able to understand details of the customers who find your business. Through email and landing pages on your website, and by form submissions, we drive leads towards your site.
  • Improving Existing Campaigns

  • According to the time and nature of business, we keep up with the changes needed by analyzing the results and make necessary improvements to your PPC ads.
  • Benefits of PPC

  • You have to pay only if someone clicks on the ad
  • Depending on your requirements you can manage your budget
  • Possibility for even small companies to compete with big ones.
  • National and international recognition possible


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